Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Bridge of Dreams 2


I had another dream. A senior person gave me a handmade leather bag as a souvenir. Then I accepted it willingly. I said that I had wanted to have a bag like that for a long time. But I didn't try to get it myself or I didn't think I needed it.

I'll try to interpret it. The handmade bag means it is the only one in the world. And it's made from leather implies: the more I use it, the more valuable it becomes for me. So, I think this present symbolises "things I need and will be able to have an advantage for me in my future".

I haven't been aware of what it is yet. But I might have had it already. If I notice it, my lifestyle will be changing slightly, because one of my dreams is living in NZ.

Monday, 22 June 2009

The Bridge of Dreams


Dreams you have when you are sleeping have some hints and help your dreams (as in your hopes) to come true. Actually, there hints are effective in not only your hopes, but also your real life.

I had a dream: my friend has lost his right hand, which is his dominant hand. But he is cooking with only his left hand: happily, skilfully and calmly for us (his family and my family).

I'll try to read this dream.
First of all, I want to tell you about the meaning of each symbol. The right hand means to be good with something, and the left hand means things that I am not good at. Also, the right hand represents "reason", the left hand is "sensibility".

Through these symbols, I might be able to say that I don't have to be good with something logically: if anything, I can follow my inspiration, as it's an option.

Depending on my inspiration, my dream might come true or not!

Friday, 19 June 2009

The Steppingstone


I like chatting. I like overseas trips. I like foreign countries and people. But it doesn't mean I don't like Japan. The more I find many good things in foreign countries, the more I notice many good things about Japan. So I might want to tell about the good things of Japan to the world!...but, it's a slightly big ambition, eh?

When I went to New Zealand, I stayed at some B&Bs. I could communicate well with the hosts because of their kindness. Thanks to Kiwis, the best time in a foreign country I've ever had, was in NZ. So I find myself tending toward hospitality.

Currently, my dream is to have my own B&B in NZ.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Dreamlike Memory


Let me tell you about another dream I had when I was child.
I wanted to go abroad and speak a foreign language fluently like a native speaker.
Unfortunately, I was discouraged from learning English when I was 14 years old, because I encountered a terrible English teacher. So my dream went away unnoticed.

However, my dream must have hidden deep in my mind. Because I suddenly started learning English 10 yeas ago. And I have continued until today.

I think I'm motivated to learn English by my dream.
I might be on my way to having my childhood dream come true!

Friday, 12 June 2009

I Want To Believe That My Dreams Can Come True!


When I am sleeping, sometimes I have dreams, sometimes not. When I have dreams, some of these are very complicated, others are kind of an omnibus dream and sometimes I dream in trilogies. I'm writing my dreams down, but sometimes I can't read them because of my bad hand writing.

Anyway, I want to tell you about my big dream when I was child: it was becoming a bride.
Unfortunately, this BIG dream hasn't come true, because dreams are just dreams.


But, what do I want to do after that.......?

I should make a plans, shouldn't I?
It seems my dreams when I'm sleeping help to make plans.

I'm going to understand the mysteries of my dreams.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Do You Believe That Your Dreams Can Come True?


I'm Kanae Yumeji.

I used to think dreams didn't come true, because dreams are just dreams.
However, I gradually changed my mind: my dreams might come true, though it was just a guess.
So, I want to talk about dreams, based on the belief that my dreams can come true.

Well, do you think dreams when you are sleeping are connected with your dreams as your hopes?

I'll start writing about the relevance of both kinds of dream here.