Thursday, 12 August 2010

My pet called Ron!

I had a dream about my dog called "Ron". I haven't dreamt about Ron for a long time.
The dream went like this:

I was looking for Ron, as I was calling "Ron" in the backyard of another person's house. Meanwhile, I was watching a muzzle that was coming out from a doghouse slowly and weakly. I quickly noticed it was Ron's . But her appearance was totally different to the image that I remembered. She looked like she had no energy and wasn't wearing her collar and was tired. I didn't know why she was there, but I knew I didn't allow her to come home with me. So I just popped in to see her. However, the person who was keeping Ron said that I would able to take her soon.......

When I woke up, this dream made me feel very strange, because the Ron I know had easy life. I think she could never live in the doghouse alone out of our house. She believed that living with us in the same way as a human was the right way.
I'll focus on two points: one is Ron's appearance and the second is the doghouse. What do Ron and the doghouse represent?

Ron was closer to me, so I think she represents myself. And the doghouse might symbolise bad situations or an unsuitable environment for me, especially, my the way of thinking. It means that I haven't taken advantage of my abilities or possibilities due to underestimating myself.
In addition, I'm used to being in this wrong thought pattern like Ron, who lived in the doghouse without being tied up in my dream. Then, she looked lifeless. I might be the same as Ron in my dream as well.

Now, I should reconsider myself.
If I start walking my way, I'll be happy and my dreams will come true.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Leaving the Athlete


I had a dream a few days ago.

I was lying in a snowy land and I could see snow around my face. When I got up, I saw a bus far behind me. There were many people gathered around the bus. I was curious, so I came up to the bus.Then I saw a famous athlete who was waving from the window of the bus.

When I woke up, I thought that something was likely to leave me. Well, what is represented by the famous athlete for me? In general, a famous athlete is made from very hard training and needs good support. Also, his ability in a sport is by far more excellent than ordinary athletes.

The athlete in my dream might signify a part of my character or an ability, but I don't know what it is. So, I might not need this ability any more.

On the other hand, I could guess that the athlete symbolises that I should stop relying on something particular. It means that the famous athlete is a kind of hero, but one hero alone can't maintain a high level in sport. Keeping and developing your level requires cooperation with many other athletes and supporters.

Now, it might be coming to the time that I need to synthesise a variety of ideas, experience and abilities for my way of thinking and my life.

Monday, 7 December 2009



I had a dream about an octopus.
The octopus was delivered to my colleague as a souvenir. I picked off a piece of the octopus' leg and tried to eat it. I chewed many times but I couldn't swallow it. I spat it out.

My first impression was there was something that I couldn't or wouldn't understand, because I hadn't been able to swallow a piece of the octopus in my dream. Well then, what does the octopus mean? Octopuses live in the sea which represents your subconscious. In this case, the octopus symblises a thing or an idea in my subconscious. but, I haven't realised yet what it is.

However, I can imagine that the idea might be weird or unearthly, because octopuses look ugly and weird. On the other hand, octopuses are available to eat, but you need cook them. They taste good and healthy as well. But, in my dream, I didn't cook it. I can infer that the idea needs to be cooked because, like the octopus, it will be more digestible that way.

Besides, the octopus was my colleague's one. So it seems this idea isn't mine. But, I think my colleague represents a part of my new character. I think this dream makes me think that a new area in my character or ability would arise, but it would be beyond my imagination.

By now, I don't have any ideas, but I think I should look at any chances without using filters which are my experience and existing ideas and so on. I'm excited to realise about my new part.

Monday, 9 November 2009

The Tornado


I have had tornado dreams several times. Moat of the tornadoes in my dreams are headed toward me, but they never struck me.

This time、the dream was very simple. A big tornado was approaching some houses, across the street where noboby lives, and was about to strike them. But suddenly the tornado stopped moving: it was like turning off a switch. Then it fell down, as dust, onto the houses.

According to the dream dictionary, the tornado symbolises a good perspective of the future, but it is with some risk, because tornado can be very destructive. Also, I think the house represents myself-as if this dream implied that my plans and hopes could be made a reality. But is it true?

There are a couple houses in my dream. So each house might be a part of my mind: my plans, hopes and so on. Nobody lives in these houses, which means that there is no point for the houses to exist, because a house is thing that people live in. You might say it is a "ruin". I think the ruin means that my plans, hopes and so on don't have a kind of sprite or strong will.
In addition, the tornado didn't strike the empty houses, so that means that my plans and hopes which are like ruin aren't worth carrying out. That is to say, if I want to achieve my plans and hopes, I should have strong will.

Recently, I've been doing nothing on purpose, so my dream might stimulate me.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Won't Be On Time


I've slept well recently, so I've had many dreams. I dreamt about vehicles last night.

I went to Shinjuku station to change train to go to an airport, but I remembered I had left something at home. I thought, "If I go back home now, I won't arrive at the airport on time." However I went back home and I cleaned my room and turned off my PC. Then I went to the station again to get on a bus to the airport. I looked for the bus stop, but I couldn't find it. So I asked a woman who worked at a kiosk. She told me that I could go to the airport only by train. I looked for the platform, and I found it, then I got on the train in a hurry. But it was the local train. I thought I never would get to the airport on time.

According to a dream dictionary, vehicles represent the direction of your life, the relation between people in your social life, and own your balance in your life and so on. These depend on the vehicle size.
In my dream, I wanted to get on a plane, because I was heading to the airport. But it seemed I couldn't catch the plane. The plane symbolises your dreams and hopes. So, it means I will not be able to make my dream a reality, doesn't it?

I can't say "yes", but I can't say "no" as well. My dream says that I should prepare more carefully before I take action, because in my dream, if I checked the train timetable, I could get the right train. Also, if I made sure how to get to the airport before I left home, I could be sure of the route. However, I have to say that the big problem is that I don't recognise which plane I want to get on. This dream might imply that I haven't discovered or awoken to what I really want to do. What do I want to do?

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Uncomfortable Feelings


I haven't had any visual dreams recently, but you might say that I've had dreams which made me feel uncomfortable. It means they were not visual stories, but only feelings. For example, someone said something in my dream, but I don't remember what they said. Also, I remember that I realised it was very important, so I want to remember it, but I can't. It's annoying. What's more, I don't remember any visual stories, but I remember only feelings: throbbing, irritation and so on. They were not comfortable feelings for me.

However, these feelings tell me something.

I want to focus on these uncomfortable feelings. I expect something or some situations in my day-to-day life must be annoying me. What are they?Are they in my job?Are they in my private life? Actually, one thing hits me. I'm annoyed that I want to reach a target, but I don't know how to get there. Even if I have some ideas, my current situation doesn't allow me to take action now. It makes me feel that I have to act on something in a hurry.

I think I have to stay cool, calm and collected for now, because this situation is like a jigsaw puzzle which is not completed. I have to be patient until I can find the correct pieces. I think my dreams say that I shouldn't be hasty. For the time being, I should strive to do what I can do right now.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Two Carp


Recently, I haven't had dreams, but a couple of days ago some slightly mysterious carp were in my dream.

When I was trying to have a bath, I noticed , in the bathtub, two carp: they were red and black each. They were swimming in the bath, even though the water was hot. I thought I wouldn't be able to have the bath, so I transferred them to other smaller tubs. When I did the red one, she took a glance at me and let out a sigh, then I could see it was as if she wanted to say, "I am not bothered."

When I woke up, I didn't have any idea what this dream meant. According to Jung, fish symbolise something coming up from my subconscious. Also, carp represent strength. I think I am likely to come across something contrary in the near future. What's more, these might become valuable and important things for me. As the red carp said, if I don't choose the red one, she doesn't mind. It means both are carp: even if I choose the black one, I could get the same quality as if I chose the red one. So this dream implies that I shouldn't be deceived by appearances and I should focus on the quality. So this is the point that I will grasp or not.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009



There was a total solar eclipse in part of Asia, including in the south of Japan on the 22nd of July. I think something has changed since the day.

I had a dream around the day of the total solar eclipse.

I was eating my breakfast in a dimly lit room. There were two bowls of miso-soup on the table. My mother opened the storm-shutter as she was saying, "Today is a good day for having babies." At the same time, I wanted to say that it was a good idea to start something at the new moon, but I couldn't. A shaft of sunlight shone into the dimly lit room.

I felt with my gut that I was in my mother's womb. Staying in the womb is very safe for babies, but without going out from the womb, babies will not be able to know about outside. Also, the womb nurtures a kind of seed. However if this seed grows into seedling, it can't have flowers in the womb.

I think the time is coming to go after a new idea, an unknown personality and so on. But the problem is that I hesitate to take action boldly.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Beyond Imagination


In general, you will head for your goal when you set your target. Then if you achieved it, you will say "YES!", but if not, you might say "NO!". However, has this way of thinking always been true?

I had a dream which was slightly strange.

"I was climbing Mt.Fuji with four people going toward the top. I could see the top in the distance. But it seemed that I was climbing down, in spite of the fact that I was walking to the top. After that someone called to me, saying that I would be able to reach the top soon. However I had to climb down again and I could see the top of Mt.Fuji below me. I wondered how the top of Mt.Fuji could be there."

This dream says that whether a result comes up to my expectation or not, my goal is there and the goal doesn't need to be my expectation. In addition, when I see the goal, I might find another perspective through my process. It means that the result gives me a new seed. This is important, because seeing the result means I will stand on my new starting point.

I am learning English harder for living in NZ, but something new which is associated with English or NZ might come up in the future.

Friday, 10 July 2009

A Hint in My Dream


Recently, I have been thinking about confidence. Especially, when I write and speak English. I'm uneasy doing something that I don't know very well. So sometimes I hesitate to do something in English. I might say that I don't have self-confidence.

However, where does self-confidence come from?
Achievement, the quality and quantity of my knowledge, let someone tell me I am excellent! and so on? If it is so, from when can I have self-confidence?

I had a dream that might include a hint.

"A young woman (looks like a new person) spoke confidently to journalists. After that she talked with her colleague about something, and she stuck a paper which was an attendance book on her desk: the paper looked a receipt. Then she left to go home."

My first impression is that I might have mixed up the feelings: uneasiness and not having self-confidence. I think self-confidence means that I believe in myself. So I am writing about dreams now with confidence, though I am not sure I can express what I want to say.

I don't know anything the first time, but everyday I can learn something new. Every time I learn English, I can pick up English skills as well. I'll try to write about dreams in English with confidence.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Bridge of Dreams 2


I had another dream. A senior person gave me a handmade leather bag as a souvenir. Then I accepted it willingly. I said that I had wanted to have a bag like that for a long time. But I didn't try to get it myself or I didn't think I needed it.

I'll try to interpret it. The handmade bag means it is the only one in the world. And it's made from leather implies: the more I use it, the more valuable it becomes for me. So, I think this present symbolises "things I need and will be able to have an advantage for me in my future".

I haven't been aware of what it is yet. But I might have had it already. If I notice it, my lifestyle will be changing slightly, because one of my dreams is living in NZ.

Monday, 22 June 2009

The Bridge of Dreams


Dreams you have when you are sleeping have some hints and help your dreams (as in your hopes) to come true. Actually, there hints are effective in not only your hopes, but also your real life.

I had a dream: my friend has lost his right hand, which is his dominant hand. But he is cooking with only his left hand: happily, skilfully and calmly for us (his family and my family).

I'll try to read this dream.
First of all, I want to tell you about the meaning of each symbol. The right hand means to be good with something, and the left hand means things that I am not good at. Also, the right hand represents "reason", the left hand is "sensibility".

Through these symbols, I might be able to say that I don't have to be good with something logically: if anything, I can follow my inspiration, as it's an option.

Depending on my inspiration, my dream might come true or not!

Friday, 19 June 2009

The Steppingstone


I like chatting. I like overseas trips. I like foreign countries and people. But it doesn't mean I don't like Japan. The more I find many good things in foreign countries, the more I notice many good things about Japan. So I might want to tell about the good things of Japan to the world!...but, it's a slightly big ambition, eh?

When I went to New Zealand, I stayed at some B&Bs. I could communicate well with the hosts because of their kindness. Thanks to Kiwis, the best time in a foreign country I've ever had, was in NZ. So I find myself tending toward hospitality.

Currently, my dream is to have my own B&B in NZ.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Dreamlike Memory


Let me tell you about another dream I had when I was child.
I wanted to go abroad and speak a foreign language fluently like a native speaker.
Unfortunately, I was discouraged from learning English when I was 14 years old, because I encountered a terrible English teacher. So my dream went away unnoticed.

However, my dream must have hidden deep in my mind. Because I suddenly started learning English 10 yeas ago. And I have continued until today.

I think I'm motivated to learn English by my dream.
I might be on my way to having my childhood dream come true!