Monday, 9 November 2009

The Tornado


I have had tornado dreams several times. Moat of the tornadoes in my dreams are headed toward me, but they never struck me.

This time、the dream was very simple. A big tornado was approaching some houses, across the street where noboby lives, and was about to strike them. But suddenly the tornado stopped moving: it was like turning off a switch. Then it fell down, as dust, onto the houses.

According to the dream dictionary, the tornado symbolises a good perspective of the future, but it is with some risk, because tornado can be very destructive. Also, I think the house represents myself-as if this dream implied that my plans and hopes could be made a reality. But is it true?

There are a couple houses in my dream. So each house might be a part of my mind: my plans, hopes and so on. Nobody lives in these houses, which means that there is no point for the houses to exist, because a house is thing that people live in. You might say it is a "ruin". I think the ruin means that my plans, hopes and so on don't have a kind of sprite or strong will.
In addition, the tornado didn't strike the empty houses, so that means that my plans and hopes which are like ruin aren't worth carrying out. That is to say, if I want to achieve my plans and hopes, I should have strong will.

Recently, I've been doing nothing on purpose, so my dream might stimulate me.