Thursday, 12 August 2010

My pet called Ron!

I had a dream about my dog called "Ron". I haven't dreamt about Ron for a long time.
The dream went like this:

I was looking for Ron, as I was calling "Ron" in the backyard of another person's house. Meanwhile, I was watching a muzzle that was coming out from a doghouse slowly and weakly. I quickly noticed it was Ron's . But her appearance was totally different to the image that I remembered. She looked like she had no energy and wasn't wearing her collar and was tired. I didn't know why she was there, but I knew I didn't allow her to come home with me. So I just popped in to see her. However, the person who was keeping Ron said that I would able to take her soon.......

When I woke up, this dream made me feel very strange, because the Ron I know had easy life. I think she could never live in the doghouse alone out of our house. She believed that living with us in the same way as a human was the right way.
I'll focus on two points: one is Ron's appearance and the second is the doghouse. What do Ron and the doghouse represent?

Ron was closer to me, so I think she represents myself. And the doghouse might symbolise bad situations or an unsuitable environment for me, especially, my the way of thinking. It means that I haven't taken advantage of my abilities or possibilities due to underestimating myself.
In addition, I'm used to being in this wrong thought pattern like Ron, who lived in the doghouse without being tied up in my dream. Then, she looked lifeless. I might be the same as Ron in my dream as well.

Now, I should reconsider myself.
If I start walking my way, I'll be happy and my dreams will come true.