Monday, 7 December 2009



I had a dream about an octopus.
The octopus was delivered to my colleague as a souvenir. I picked off a piece of the octopus' leg and tried to eat it. I chewed many times but I couldn't swallow it. I spat it out.

My first impression was there was something that I couldn't or wouldn't understand, because I hadn't been able to swallow a piece of the octopus in my dream. Well then, what does the octopus mean? Octopuses live in the sea which represents your subconscious. In this case, the octopus symblises a thing or an idea in my subconscious. but, I haven't realised yet what it is.

However, I can imagine that the idea might be weird or unearthly, because octopuses look ugly and weird. On the other hand, octopuses are available to eat, but you need cook them. They taste good and healthy as well. But, in my dream, I didn't cook it. I can infer that the idea needs to be cooked because, like the octopus, it will be more digestible that way.

Besides, the octopus was my colleague's one. So it seems this idea isn't mine. But, I think my colleague represents a part of my new character. I think this dream makes me think that a new area in my character or ability would arise, but it would be beyond my imagination.

By now, I don't have any ideas, but I think I should look at any chances without using filters which are my experience and existing ideas and so on. I'm excited to realise about my new part.