Sunday, 26 July 2009

Beyond Imagination


In general, you will head for your goal when you set your target. Then if you achieved it, you will say "YES!", but if not, you might say "NO!". However, has this way of thinking always been true?

I had a dream which was slightly strange.

"I was climbing Mt.Fuji with four people going toward the top. I could see the top in the distance. But it seemed that I was climbing down, in spite of the fact that I was walking to the top. After that someone called to me, saying that I would be able to reach the top soon. However I had to climb down again and I could see the top of Mt.Fuji below me. I wondered how the top of Mt.Fuji could be there."

This dream says that whether a result comes up to my expectation or not, my goal is there and the goal doesn't need to be my expectation. In addition, when I see the goal, I might find another perspective through my process. It means that the result gives me a new seed. This is important, because seeing the result means I will stand on my new starting point.

I am learning English harder for living in NZ, but something new which is associated with English or NZ might come up in the future.

Friday, 10 July 2009

A Hint in My Dream


Recently, I have been thinking about confidence. Especially, when I write and speak English. I'm uneasy doing something that I don't know very well. So sometimes I hesitate to do something in English. I might say that I don't have self-confidence.

However, where does self-confidence come from?
Achievement, the quality and quantity of my knowledge, let someone tell me I am excellent! and so on? If it is so, from when can I have self-confidence?

I had a dream that might include a hint.

"A young woman (looks like a new person) spoke confidently to journalists. After that she talked with her colleague about something, and she stuck a paper which was an attendance book on her desk: the paper looked a receipt. Then she left to go home."

My first impression is that I might have mixed up the feelings: uneasiness and not having self-confidence. I think self-confidence means that I believe in myself. So I am writing about dreams now with confidence, though I am not sure I can express what I want to say.

I don't know anything the first time, but everyday I can learn something new. Every time I learn English, I can pick up English skills as well. I'll try to write about dreams in English with confidence.