Friday, 10 July 2009

A Hint in My Dream


Recently, I have been thinking about confidence. Especially, when I write and speak English. I'm uneasy doing something that I don't know very well. So sometimes I hesitate to do something in English. I might say that I don't have self-confidence.

However, where does self-confidence come from?
Achievement, the quality and quantity of my knowledge, let someone tell me I am excellent! and so on? If it is so, from when can I have self-confidence?

I had a dream that might include a hint.

"A young woman (looks like a new person) spoke confidently to journalists. After that she talked with her colleague about something, and she stuck a paper which was an attendance book on her desk: the paper looked a receipt. Then she left to go home."

My first impression is that I might have mixed up the feelings: uneasiness and not having self-confidence. I think self-confidence means that I believe in myself. So I am writing about dreams now with confidence, though I am not sure I can express what I want to say.

I don't know anything the first time, but everyday I can learn something new. Every time I learn English, I can pick up English skills as well. I'll try to write about dreams in English with confidence.

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